Special Introductory Rate - for our first year only 


6-8 year olds = ₹150,000 per year

8-1o Year olds = ₹200,000 per year

10-14 Year olds = ₹250,000 per year 

14-15 year olds = ₹300,000 per year (IGCSE Programme)

15-16 year olds = ₹350,000 Per year (IGCSE Programme)

This fee purely covers our teachers, building and infrastructure. It does not include books, food or transport. 


Additional Costs

One off refundable deposit = ₹ 30,000 : Registration and Admin Fees = ₹20,000

Food: a smoothie at break and a good quality lunch with dessert is provided everyday for ₹200 a day.

Students can bring in packed lunches also. 

Books are charged separately as and when needed at cost price; however, most of our work is done online.

Students bring their own stationery according to their preference and style.  

Parents have organised a private car-pooling vehicle to bring children to school at a reasonable cost. 


Payment Plan

Payment takes part in 2 blocks - 50% on joining and 50% in December. 

Parents will siblings can pay in quarterly installments. 

Students starting now will be kept on this rate for this year and next (unless they go into the next age bracket) to say thanks for sailing with us on our maiden voyage :) 

From 2017-18 the new Academic Year, our prices will be going up for new Admissions.